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Is there a "HOME" button?
How do I report someone?
I can not message someone?
Can I gift gems anyone I see?
Can I post on another member's page?
How do I know if someone comments on my page?
Can I delete a member's comments off my page?
Can I delete my own comments elswhere?
How do I add a comment to a member's page?
What is the Refresh page button on the page for?
I just posted, it's not on the list of "Recent Posts"?
How do I delete a post I did on my page?
What is the list of "Highlighted"?
Why is there a social network on a safelist?
Can I see a graphic that explains the menu?
Can I post youtube video's?
Can I put javascript or html into my comments/posts?
Is my social page linked up so others will see it?
What is the gold ribbon on see on some pages?
Your menu is in the upper left hand corner, and to view your own page click on your picture in the upper left hand corner.
You can block a person from commenting or viewing your page by clicking this button in your menu


If you need to report porn (which is not allowed) please open a support ticket here
You can only message someone if they put you on the buddy list. You can always add them to yours and they might add you to theirs. If you gift them gems, they can also see this in the list of who gifted them (your social page is linked there)
Yes you can, as long as you have the gems in a stockpile. They will see that you gifted them the gems.
You can only post on your own page. But you can comment on another member's posts though. The Post button is in the menu, in the upper left hand corner shows even if you are on another member's page. Just click this and it'll post to your page, even without you being on it.

A grey button will appear on your post that says "Read Comments" like the below

Yes you can, you'll see this button to delete another member's comment off your page/post.

You can delete any comment that you made, on any member page. The button will look like this one

You can comment on a member's post with this button

The "refresh page" button. Not all pages auto refresh, so clicking it when needed will do refresh the page showing any new content. It looks like the below

This is because posts are done in a certain rank, so it may not be listed there all the time. It's not just showing your recent posts, it shows any member posts.
You can delete your post on your page. The button will look like this one

Once a month, members who treat their page seriously and posts on it, is active, are randomly drawn and 12 members will appear there for an entire month.

Other members can view their pages and buddy them or give them gems if they like to.
Because I had the time to do it. During the start of Covid19 pandemic I delayed opening the site for 2 months so I added this into Majestic while it sat there, finished but delayed.

I think it may give us a place to network without tons of distractions. It's not trying to compete with others, in fact there is a Twitter link for every member on their social page. You fill that in on Account Profile (click here) if needed.
Yes just HOVER your mouse over the graphic below...

Yes, just type the url in (the page where the video is). No html needed. It will automatically add in the needed info so it will show.
No. The system will strip it out and it will not work. This is for security reasons.
Yes. It's linked on any email ads that you send, to your signups and more.
This shows if a member has clicked 1000, 3000 or 5000 email ads.